Current Bid Opportunities

Below is a list of our current bid opportunities. If you would like to bid on a project please contact the Bid Captain listed at 314.645.9595.

Where do I submit bids?

Please email bids to [email protected].

How do I check if my firm is on SmartBidNet?

Contact Sarah Miller at [email protected] to confirm or request to be added to S. M. Wilson’s bidders list.

What should I expect from S. M. Wilson bid invitations?

All projects areset up on SmartBidNet. Each invitation has a specialized link that will take you directly to the project. From that link, you can find bid dates, bid captain, project information and download bid documents. A membership to SmartBidNet is not required.

Link in the Loop

· Location: St. Louis, MO

· Bid Date: January 22, 2019

· Contact: Debra Sheahan

· Phone: (314) 633-5750

· Fax: (314) 644-2050