· Location: St. Louis, Missouri

· Bid Date: March 31, 2017

· Contact:

· Phone:

· Fax: 314-644-2050

Fed Ex Ground Distribution Warehouse, St. Peters, MO

S. M. Wilson is requesting your assistance in determining the proper Budget for the Fed Ex Ground Distribution Warenouse located in St. Peters, MO.  Scope of work to be included:  sitework, paving, precast, cast-in-place concrete, steel, casework, joint sealants, roofing, doors, glass, drywall, flooring, painting, toilet accessories, signage, window treatments, fire protection, plumbing, HVAC and electrical.

Please Note:

  1. Facility to be an Automated FedEx Ground Facility Type
  2. Estimated Contract Date 09/01/17
  3. Annex available for use by FXG 08/15/18 (preferred), but not later than 10/01/18 (we should get more info soon on what building/site areas are needed for this Annex
  4. Certificate of Occupancy approximately 08/15/18
  5. While the FedEx drawings referenced reflect a pre-engineered metal building, pursuant to the local requirements, the building shall be hardwall

A revised FedEx site and building plan was just released.  The due diligence grading/utility plans have not yet been updated to match the FedEx plan, but are being worked on.  These will be sent out to all when ready (date TBD) as FedEx has decided they want to get the bidding started and not wait for the updates.  The plans for an earlier site plan are provided in the DD package for information purposes.  Until the revised plans are available from Stock & Associates, work from the FedEx plans.

Also note, this building is a bit different from others that have been out in the recent past and there is a new spec (dated January, 2017).  Please pay close attention to the plans/specs as things may be different that you are accustomed to.

Please provide any costs for:

  • ADD Alternate 1:  Building Energy Management System (16.254)
  • ADD Alternate 2:  Build out all “future paving” areas (noted on FXG C-1)

Bids are requested to be submitted to S. M. Wilson on Friday, March 31, 2017, 10:00 a.m. Please send bids to (preferred method) or fax to (314) 644-2050.

For questions regarding the project please contact by email: Debra Sheahan ( or Jim Hoette (

Please be sure to review all construction documents prior to submitting a bid.

S. M. Wilson & Co. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  S. M. Wilson strives to make our industry a more inclusive community and to sustain this model for future generations.  Bidders agree to take all reasonable steps necessary to ensure Minority, Women and Disadvantage Business Enterprises have an opportunity to participate in the performance of this project.  Consideration of subcontract award may be based on diversity involvement.

S. M. Wilson & Co.