Building Your Future as an S. M. Wilson Intern


Beyond the Build, S. M. Wilson’s core values represent the qualities we look for in the people we hire. One of our most successful resources for finding great people to add to our team is through S. M. Wilson’s Internship Program.

Led by the company’s Collegiate Development Committee, the program offers a variety of internships to graduate and undergraduate students interested in working in the construction industry. In addition to work experience, students engage in networking, mentoring and hands-on training opportunities to benefit their personal and professional development.

To set up interns for success, they are strategically paired with S. M. Wilson Mentors who provide support and feedback. S. M. Wilson interns are given the same responsibilities as that of a regular full-time employee accompanied by goals and training set forth at the beginning of the program.

While the program typically lasts 10-12 weeks over the summer, many interns join S. M. Wilson full-time upon graduation once their internship is complete. In fact, 16 of our current Wilsonsites started their careers as interns, including Mark Cochran who is now the COO of the company. Emily Echele also came on full-time as a Project Engineer in January 2019. After completing a summer internship and fall co-op with S. M. Wilson, she says, “I felt like part of the team and that I was trusted and expected to do things.”

Director of Human Resources Rebecca Cornatzer emphasizes the importance of employee engagement with S. M. Wilson interns. She explains, “The success of our internship program is attributed to the work done by our Collegiate Development Committee as well as our employees that provide mentoring throughout the process. The committee comprised of both operations and field employees is the driving force of the program. These employees go Beyond the Build. They are passionate about and committed to the support and development of students desiring a career in the industry.”

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