Current Bid Opportunities

Below is a list of our current bid opportunities. If you would like to bid on a project please contact the Bid Captain listed at 314.645.9595.

Where do I submit bids?

Please email bids to [email protected].

How do I check if my firm is on BuildingConnected?

Contact Sarah Miller at [email protected] to confirm or request to be added to S. M. Wilson’s bidders list.

What should I expect from S. M. Wilson bid invitations?

S. M. Wilson is now on BuildingConnected. Each invitation has a specialized link that will take you directly to the project. From that link, you can find bid dates, bid captain, project information and download bid documents. Create an account on BuildingConnected here.

Alton CUSD #11 – Athletic Fields Lighting

· Location: Alton, IL

· Bid Date: February 20, 2020

· Contact: John Dohle

· Phone: 314.633.5745

· Fax: 314.645.1700

The Bid Package is available for viewing after February 6th on Building Connected by using the link below.

  S. M. Wilson & Co. Public Plan Room

Pleasant Plains High School – Competition Gym Addition

· Location: Pleasant Plains, IL

· Bid Date: February 18, 2020

· Contact: Paul Wilson

· Phone: 314-633-5735

· Fax: 314-644-2050

This project consists of an addition of approximately 35,210 sf at the Pleasant Plains High School.
Please email bids to [email protected] (preferred method) or faxed to 314-644-2050.
This project is available for public bidding via the S. M. Wilson & Co. Public Plan Room