Construction Management at Risk


Construction Management at Risk

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The Construction Manager is responsible for both the design and construction phases of the building process and assists the Owner in arranging for and coordinating efforts with the Architects, Engineers and Consultants used in the project.

With the CM at Risk delivery method, the Owner has separate contracts with the Architect and CM, resulting in a built-in checks and balances system. Provided the Owner maintains a strong presence throughout this process, the Owner-Architect-Construction team works together collaboratively toward a common project goal.

What you need to know:

  • Construction Manager brings their knowledge to the Architect early in the design and pre-construction phase.
  • A system is implemented which controls personnel, money and materials to work directly for the Owner’s interests.
  • Design and construction proceed concurrently, saving time and therefore, money.
  • Opportunity for shared savings.
  • CM and Architect are selected based on qualifications.
  • All subcontracting work is competitively bid with Owner input.
  • Allows for fast tracking.

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