Anheuser-Busch – Bottle Line 37

Bottle Line 37 “Out of the Box”

The Bottle Line 37 “Out of the Box” project included the demolition and replacement of a 45,000 SF, six-inch slab with a new multi-grid pitched slab. With the production center running 24/7, movement of materials and construction activities within the buildings was and is always carefully executed to cause as little disruption as possible to production. The projects have also been phased to accommodate daily operations and to ensure staff safety and contractor safety.

S. M. Wilson & Co. received Anheuser-Busch’s prestigious “Proud to be Safe” Alabaster Eagle Award. This was given to S. M. Wilson for excellence in safety during 2004 and for achieving a minimum of 20,000 manhours without a Lost Workday Incident. S. M. Wilson finished 2004 with an EMR of 0.63 and 81,462 manhours without a Lost Workday Incident, surpassing the next contractor in line by 24,340 manhours.