Blessing Hospital

Patient Care Addition

The four-story Moorman Pavilion patient care addition allowed Blessing to relocate three inpatient Behavioral Center units from its 14th Street site to the 11th Street campus and consolidate all inpatient care in one building, which greatly increased efficiency. Both behavioral health & med-surgical spaces were created by the project.

The ground level offers an outdoor recreation area, a visitor lounge, a new dining area and an infusion center for chemotherapy, blood transfusions, injections and other services. It is also home to the Adult Psychiatric Services & Behavioral Medicine Services. The first floor houses three Blessing Behavioral Center inpatient units. There are 10 beds on the ground floor and 18 on the first floor.

The second and third floors house a total of 52 medical-surgical rooms to create increased quantity of private patient rooms on 11th St. campus. The fourth floor of the addition is shell space and will not be used at this time, but will be available for future expansion. The building core was constructed on the fifth and sixth floors and can receive an addition in the future.

The patient tower also features a basement and a sub-basement, where the mechanical equipment for the facility is stored. In addition, 5,537 SF of Blessing’s existing 11th Street campus was renovated.