Target and Heart of America Foundation

Target School Library Makeover Program

S. M. Wilson & Co. have teamed up with Target and the Heart of America Foundation for their Target School Library Makeover Program. The program transforms elementary school libraries by remodeling the library spaces, revitalizing technology, replenishing book shelves and by renewing community support and interest in enriching student lives and helping students regain lost opportunities for learning.

S. M. Wilson & Co. has remodeled the following libraries in Missouri, Kansas & Texas: T. A. Brown Elementary School (Austin, TX), George Peabody Elementary School (Dallas, TX), Casa View Elementary School (Dallas, TX), W. W. Bushman Elementary School (Dallas, TX), Roger Q. Mills Elementary School (Dallas, TX), M. E. Pearson Elementary School (Kansas City, KS), John T. Hartman Elementary School (Kansas City, MO) and Walnut Grove Elementary School (St. Louis, MO).