Permanent Party Barracks Phase II

US Army Corps of Engineers

The Permanent Party Barracks II project consisted of the design and construction of 19 multi-level apartment buildings that are used to house 190 soldiers. Each 3,660 SF building consists of five apartment units, totaling 69,540 SF for the entire project. Each unit was constructed in a 1+1 configuration with a shared kitchen and dining area. Additionally, each building features a shared central exterior walkway and covered porches for each unit. The 10.8 acre site also includes parking lots, a basketball court and a sand volleyball court.

This project was designed as a LEED certified project and hopes to achieve the Silver rating in the LEED classification system in the future. The project design included several special components worthy of LEED certification points, including indoor air quality program, using low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emitting materials, and using locally manufactured materials.